A Creative & Mindful Journey

Mosaic Boards are handmade wooden boards, made up of geometric shapes that are tiled next to each other to form an intricate pattern inspired by Sacred Geometry.

Mosaic Boards are developed to be a mindfulness tool to help facilitate presence of mind and exploration of the senses.

Mosaic Boards make for an ideal gift for your loved ones, or even for yourself. They were carefully developed and finished to offer high quality experience to the customer. I spend long hours sanding, colouring and finishing each of the boards. The final result makes us confident and proud of our product.

Facilitating Presence of Mind and Senses

Mosaic Boards can be used as a tiling game, that promotes calm and mindfulness. Something both fun and creative. Imagine the nice touch of the finely finished wood, and the satisfying feeling of laying the pieces next to each other into beautiful inspiring designs

Mosaic Boards

A Cretive, Mindful Journey

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