Browse here to explore the various patterns and designs available. Each of these patterns has its story, both in history and in meaning. To read more about different patterns and their stories, please go to the Products page

In Colour

These patterns are finished used a variety of colouring techniques, including acrylic colours and natural dyes. The colours that are used here are inspired by the colours that are used in the historical sites where these patterns are found

Oils and Waxes

These patterns are finished with oils and waxes in a way that ensures you will still be able to touch and feel the wood, and observe the reflection of light on the grain (watch the video below)

Observing reflection of light on a carefully-finished wood is more fun and exciting than you expect. On the video here, focus on one single piece of the pattern and see how it’s changing shades as it rotates.

In Mindfulness and Meditation