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This pattern is a 6 petalled star one. These patterns started developing from basic shapes to more intricate and complex formations. This pattern is used in Mosque of al-Mu’ayyad, Cairo (1420 AD) where it can be found alongside 5-pointed and 8-pointed stars with petals and rays all in one pattern.

Please tailor your choice using the following options:
– Levelling: Flat (all pieces are same level), or Levelled (wood piecese will be in 2 thicknesses)
– Finishing: Raw (finely sanded, but not finished), Oil and Wax finishing, or Coloured

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Mosaic Boards are handmade wooden boards inspired by the elegant patterns of Sacred Geometry. They serve as a great mindfulness tool that helps facilitate presence of mind and exploration of senses.

They can be a relaxing playful game, but unlike other games, this is a one that you want to keep around for you and your guests to enjoy, as a creative piece of decorative art.

Mosaic Boards are carefully developed and finished to offer high quality experience to the user, making it an ideal gift for you and your loved ones.

Every Mosaic Board has a story! This particular pattern a 6 petalled star one. These patterns started developing from basic shapes to more intricate and complex formations, as in this pattern used in Mosque of al-Mu’ayyad, Cairo (1420 AD) where you will find the 6 pointed star alongside a 5 pointed and an 8 pointed stars with petals and rays all in one pattern. This specific item is called after this pattern.

I hand-make these patterns from scratch. I start in the library, looking at references and finding out about the analysis of patterns and how to draw them. I create a digital version of the drawing, and then laser-cut the patterns. A strenuous process of sanding surfaces and edges of each and every piece starts, and goes on until I get to the excellent smoothness and edges I’m after. I either use oils and waxes to finish the boards, or acrylic colour with a final coating to preserve the colour. Check out various products on my Etsy shop to get an idea of these different ways of finishing.

The colours I use also have their story and history. Have a look at the website to explore some options.

Finishing is one way for personalising the product. You can also ask for a “levelled” version, using wood pieces of different thickness. Again, check out the shop to get an idea.

I would be more than happy to work with you on designing a Mosaic Board that reflects your style and interests.

This is a hand-made product, made of wood. As a natural material, there will be variations in colours of pieces, and the tiny irregularities of any hand-made product. That’s part of it’s beauty.

All woods are sources from sustainable resources (covered by the Forestry Stewardship Council scheme).

(I’ve included more on my website on how Mosaic Boards can be used in a mindfulness practice.)

Additional information

Finishing & Colouring

Colour & Oil & Wax, Oil & Wax, Sanded only (Unfinished)


Flat, Levelled

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