Choosing Your Mosaic Board

A Hand-made,

Creative & Mindful Journey

Your Mosaic Board of Choice

I hand-make the Mosaic Boards myself, doing my best to offer a high-quality product and experience.

I’ve outlined here an easy 3-step process to help you choose your favourite Mosaic Boards, and then you can head fo the Shop to buy it.

Once your heart and mind are set, get in touch and we can discuss together the design details.

First Step:

Pick a Pattern

Second Step:

Select the finishing

Third Step:

Choose the Levelling

1. Select your pattern

You can select from a selection of six patterns, from different historical eras and from different parts of the world.

Having chosen your pattern, you can decide on your preference on:

2. Choose your preferred finishing:

  1. with oils and waxes (As in Isfahan’s Rose), or
  2. with acrylic colours (Using these two colour schemes)

3. Pick your favourite levelling option:

  • You can have the Mosaic Boards with two options leveling/thicknesses of pieces:
    • all pieces of the same level (as in Cairo’s Star)
    • Pieces have different levels (as in Isfahan’s Rose)

The making process takes 2 to 6 weeks, depending on complexity of the design and finishing, and availability of time.

If you would like to discuss some design details, please do get in touch. Once we have discussed the final design I can give you a good estimation of the time it will take.

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